CC Capsule: 1949 Dodge House Car – Ramblin’ Dodge

CC 230 106 1200

“House Car” is a somewhat archaic term, but that seem rather suitable to this very fine rig. This 1949 Dodge truck served for almost three decades as a fire truck, and has been re-purposed into a well-built traveling home. The attention to detail and effort put into it is decidedly better than average, and it’s very much roadworthy. It’s from Arizona, and was passing through after a stop at the Oregon Country Faire, an event that tends to attract rigs of this sort.

CC 230 104 1200

We noticed this parked at a house at the base of Skinner Butte, and it caught my attention. The “Diesel” badge on its hood added to my interest, as if that were necessary. I love house cars like this, and this one is about as good as it gets.

CC 230 107 1200

I Googled “East Lawn Volunteer Fire Co.” and the only one that comes up is based in Nazareth, PA. Presumably that’s where this truck spent the first few decades of its long and useful life.

CC 230 109 1200

The owner told me it has a 5.9 L Cummins diesel (B6) under the hood, and given the exhaust stack, I have no doubt. But whether this “San Quentin Death Row 71” lock is authentic, I don’t know.

CC 230 105 1200

There’s  a very nice companion BMW bike on the back, the kind that will take its rider anywhere the truck might not be so suitable for, like blasting through a fast canyon highway or down a remote fire road.

CC 230 105 ceop

The clutch housing is a nice detail. And that’s a nice license plate, even if there isn’t a V8 under the hood.

CC 230 112 1200

Happy trails! Wish it were mine; although the noise of a Cummins inside that old cab might be deafening.