CC Capsule: 1959 Nash Metropolitan – Tiny, but Larger than the Yugo

1959 Nash Metropolitan d rawproc

Speaking of small convertibles, check out this smallest Nash. It rides on a wheelbase six tenths of an inch longer than the one on the Yugo that William Stopford shared with us earlier this afternoon. Yet it’s about a foot longer overall than that Yugo. Still, when you walk up to it, it seems like the smallest car ever.

1959 Nash Metropolitan c rawproc

The interior is cozy, which is to say very tight. A person of girth would find that steering wheel in their gut. But for the skinny among us, this car looks like it would be a lot of fun to buzz around in.

1959 Nash Metropolitan b rawproc

You can tell this is a ’59 or later Met because of its trunk lid. Earlier Mets allowed access to the storage compartment only by leaning the rear seat forward.

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