CC Capsule: 1963 Dodge Dart GT Six Pack – No, Not That Kind

CC 124 300 800

This ’63 Dart GT packs a surprise under its hood. Of course, that shouldn’t be unexpected, given that its owner also owns a ’53 Ford with the slant six under its hood. No, it wasn’t an engine swap between the two, although a Ford flathead V8 in the Dart would be something truly different. This man is a slant six aficionado, obviously. But it’s what he did to his that makes it extra compelling.

CC 124 314 800

Patience; we need to savor the ’63 Dart’s front end first, eh? Love those big Turbine-car-esque headlights.

CC 124 319 800

Now that’s a sight to bring tears to a lover of in-line sixes, especially if they’re leaning over a bit. Six carbs in a row; Mikunis, in this case. I shot this some two years ago, but never used it, so I’ve forgotten the source of these carbs. Robert, the owner told me, but you know how it is with the aging memory banks. Maybe someone will recognize them.

CC 124 318 800

Robert fabricated the intake manifold himself, and possibly the exhaust too, but as I said, it’s been a while. It also sports a hotter cam. Robert pulled it out of the backyard garage for me, and it made very lovely sounds indeed. Hard to beat a warmed-over six for making ear music.

CC 124 312 800

As well as the TorqueFlite automatic, which makes for an excellent companion on the strip. I’ve also forgotten what this thing will do in the quarter mile, so I’m really blowing it. But at least the pictures tell a good story.

CC 124 304 800