Cohort Outtake: Getting Passed On The Right By A Flesh Colored Nova – But What’s The Official Name Of That Color?

Chevrolet nova flesh fq

This is another version of the CC Effect: start shooting lots of CCs, and folks start passing you on the right. It first happened to CC’s Mr. Edward Mann in the famous Bathtub Nash Incident. Then I had a rash of them. And now it’s afflicting our Cohort posters; William Rubano posted his encounter with a Nova that he called “Band Aid colored”. Having had Crayons as a kid, it says “flesh” to me. Either way, here it comes…

Chevrolet Nova flesh r

And there it goes. I’m assuming this is an original color, and undoubtedly one or more of you will chime in with its marketing-speak name. This isn’t the first time I come to you in hopes of pinning down the color of a Nova of this vintage. The last time there were quite a few creative answers. Let’s see what we come up with this time.