CC Capsule: 1979 Jeep Cherokee – No Offensive Badges But Complete With Bow And Arrows (Updated)

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(first posted 7/17/2013. Updated 7/15/2019)    This Cherokee presents a bit of a puzzle to me. It’s been de-badged of all its identifying emblems and graphics, which the SJ Cherokee had plenty of. Most obvious is where the round badge was peeled from the rear C-Pillar, on both sides. And the “Cherokee” badge on the front fender is gone too. Now with all of the movement to ban American Indian athletic mascots and names, I can’t help but suspect that this person did it for the same basic reason. But ironically, there’s a bow and arrows in the back of it. Is the owner a Native American?

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I wasn’t really snooping, but just wanted a picture of the rear cargo area when I noticed the arrows and what looks like parts of a high-power bow. Big deal.

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The Cherokee arrived in 1974 as a “sporty” variant to the Wagoneer (CC here).  In the comments to that post, there was some discussion of the ultra-rare two-door Wagoneer, which was dropped after 1968 due to very low sales (I haven’t seen one in many decades). But so as to cash in on the growing SUV wave, which was dominated by the IH Scout, Ford Bronco and Chevy Blazer, all of which were two-doors, Jeep dusted off some of the two-door tooling, but added a steel panel where the two big original windows were, and popped in a partially-opening window.

Jeep Wagoneer 1964 two door

Here’s what it looked like: way too urbane and clean for the mustachioed and sideburned seventies.

Update: Actually what Jeep did was to just cut in a rear side window of their Panel Delivery, which was so rare that I had forgotten about it when I first wrote this post. Of course the Panel Delivery was based on the two-door wagon, but had a large steel panel back there.

I can’t say whether I ever saw one of these, but if I did, I long forgot the encounter.

What’s unique about the Panel Delivery is that it had barn doors at the rear, something that might have been preferred as an option by some Wagoneer buyers, juts like some Suburban buyers chose them.

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And here’s how that Cherokee badge looked, although this one is from a Cherokee S, the step up from the base model, but well below the Chief .

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Since I shot this a few years back, I might as well show the whole thing too. Very seventies. Very John Denver Rocky Mountain High.

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Back to our featured un-Cherokee; the question(s) remains: Is this a 1979? Did the badges come off in respect for American Indians? Does this have the 360 V8 or 258 six? Are you impressed that it still has its original wheel covers? Are you loving that brown? Anything else?