CC Capsule: Welcome To Hong Kong

Found some postcards in a thrift shop. Of course I couldn’t help noticing that juicy Cedric in the corner.

Yep, it’s a Nissan 230 Cedric – this model in perhaps its finest form. I assumed it was a Taiwan-built YLN 802, but thanks to CCommenter HW I stand corrected . Behind, the even more delectable Alfetta GT – making this shot later than 1973. Not much later if you consider that blue suit flare. Behind them a T100-ish Corona and I’ll leave it to our extraordinarily deep knowledge pool here on CC with regards that bus and the barest edge of that truck..

The building is the Peak Tower opened in 1972. It was the work of Chung Wah Nan architects and sat in a dip in the ridgeline of the highest mountains over the harbour, located 396 meters above sea level. It featured a restaurant on the top floor and a cafe underneath, and was replaced by a completely new and ugly building in 1993. Shame.

Kowloon-Canton Railway Terminal with the grand view. Nice carpark. Both of them.

Harbour Tunnel – Hong Kong to Kowloon. Nice M-Bs.

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