CC Capsule: 1984 Buick Skyhawk Limited – Like New Old Lady-Mobile

CC 197 019 900

I’m not guessing at the title; I followed her (slooowly) for a couple of blocks, until she pulled into the parking lot, and waited while she slooowly shuffled off to wherever it was in downtown Junction City she was going. I suspect this pristine Skyhawk probably doesn’t get out of town very often. 

CC 197 021 900

It’s been a while since I’ve seen one in Eugene; for some reason, there are several Firenzas and J2000s/Sunbirds, but no Skyhawks. And of course, this would have to be a sedan; I literally can’t remember when I last saw one of the vaunted J-car fastback hatches.

CC 197 018 900

Is this the best-preserved J-car interior in the world? It’s like new, and with that fine velour that came with the Limited. I wish I’d checked the odometer–surely, it can’t show more than 50,000 miles. By the way, I’m guessing at the MY of this car, so I’m sure one of your sleuths will either confirm or deny my stab at it.

CC 197 017 900

I’ll bet that luggage rack has never been put to use.

CC 197 020 900

This car, although a wee bit dusty, is utterly pristine. And a few years from now, when she passes it on to her favorite granddaughter, I’ll see it in Eugene, just like the pristine Firenza I caught there–except it won’t stay pristine for all too long. Maybe someone needs to open a J-Car museum.