CC Capsule: 1986 Chrysler Le Baron Town & Country Woody Wagon

The K-car family is a highly prolific one. We’ve covered several in-depth already (with plenty more to come), but in order to keep the CC files from backlogging, I’ll trickle out some of the posts as CC Capsules and let the pictures do most of the talking.

The Le Baron appeared, as a gussied-up Reliant/Aries, in 1982. Lee Iacocca’s first (and most obvious) step was to increase the profit margins on them, and having seen firsthand the magic of vinyl wood-tone applique during his years at Ford, he quickly gave the K-car the full Squire treatment. By 1983, the T&C woody convertible had appeared; I’m still waiting to find one, and it remains the only member of the K-car family missing from our files.

While I’m not certain that this is a 1982 model given that I’m not a VIN reader, but if there are distinguishing marks to place its year elsewhere, I can count on you all to set me straight. (Update: it’s not an ’82; I was a bit sloppy today, but come on, it’s Sunday. That said, maybe I’ll start reading them.)

The price premium for the T7C wagon over an Aries version was about 20%. Besides the side vinyl, the interior was another obvious upgrade, although it hadn’t yet merited the loose-pillow look of the New Yorker K-car soon to come. If you were an early T&C adopter, you were stuck with the Mitsubishi 2.6-liter four; turbos and V6’s were still in the offing. That’s it for now, but rest assured there are a lot of proper K-car CCs to come.