CC Capsule: 1996 Jeep Cherokee – Never a Family Hauler

1995 Jeep Cherokee a

I stopped to photograph this Jeep Cherokee because the two-doors are far less plentiful than the four-doors, which themselves are starting to thin out here in Rustopia. I guess most people bought these to do what we buy CUVs for now, and that demanded four-door utility. But this Cherokee was certainly not bought for that purpose, and the proof is inside.

1995 Jeep Cherokee d

A five-speed transmission! If the two doors, which squelch easy entry and egress for little Ashley and Jayden, were not enough to shift this four-wheeler’s mission, the stick shift certainly was. And judging by the trim in evidence, this is probably as basic a Cherokee as you could buy at the time.

1995 Jeep Cherokee c

Twenty years later, it carries on with few signs of hard use. In that teal color, it is a real rolling throwback to its day. Doesn’t it seem like most of the mid-90s teal cars were basic transportation that have gone on to the Great Junkyard Beyond?

1995 Jeep Cherokee b

So yes, there were many reasons to pause and consider this Cherokee. Discovering the manual transmission was just icing on the cake.

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