CC Capsule: 1996 Nissan 200SX SE-R (B14) – Another Rare Unmolested Survivor

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Cars like this 200SX SE-R, in such a relatively unmolested state, have become a rare sight, especially in a parking lot of a rather run-down apartment building on a busy arterial. The Nissan 200SX name had long been applied to the RWD Silvia coupes, but in 1995, the name appeared on the top-line version of the B14 Sentra, and in SE-R trim, sporting Nissan’s legendary SR20-DE engine, making a hefty 140 hp in a lightweight little FWD coupe.

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Wikipedia says that only some 14k of these SE-R versions were made, during its three year production run. In the 2300 lb Sentra, it made for an eager bundle of joy, to those in the know. This is the same engine that the rather highly regarded Infiniti G20 sported, but in a package substantially lighter. Well, it turns out there’s a good reason this one is still so intact and unmolested:

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It’s got an automatic. Of course! The same reason that the Civic EX coupe I shot in the very same parking lot was so unmolested. Maybe they don’t take tenants who drive Japanese stick-shift pocket-rockets.  Good call.