CC Capsule: Chevrolet LUV Very Long-Bed Pickup – Read!

CC 208 062 925

Did any of the other Japanese compact trucks come with a bed this long? This LUV’s is 90″, or seven and a half feet long. Its wheelbase is no less than 117.9″ long. Help me out; was this not the longest of its kind?

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All the more space for its message to be displayed. We did an extensive CC on the LUV/Isuzu Faster here, but that was a short bed version. And devoid if the graphics.

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The Isuzu-built pickups had a reputation for toughness, in a field of competitors where the average level was already very high. These trucks were made for serious work in other parts of the world, and thrived on abuse. The Isuzu 1.8 L gas four was used for a long time, and the 2.0 L version powered the Trooper II.

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This electric-bicycle has plenty of room back here in the bed. And it’s not going to stress the rear springs any either; these long bed LUVs were rated to carry 1635 lbs.

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So why isn’t there a load of books in the bed?