CC Capsule: Vauxhall Cresta PC – Not Exactly The Crest Of Design

As a bit of a warm-up to tomorrow’s CC, here’s a quick look at the last of the Vauxhall Crestas, the model PC, built from 1965 to 1972. For reference here are our posts on its predecessors, the PA and the PB. The Cresta looks rather similar to the Holden HR, but looks can be deceiving. I’ll leave it to Bryce and the our other down-under commentators to elucidate us on the details of that. But the Cresta was built in New Zealand, which explains how Bryce came to shoot it there. And with a 3.3 L six that made 124 DIN (net) hp, the Cresta was ably-powered for the times; the UK version of a Pontiac with a mild 389.

Styling was not quite up to the strength of its motor, though, being a rather milquetoast melange of GM design cues of the times. Too bad they didn’t do an Opel Diplomat version, with the Chevy 327 under the hood. Now that would have been memorable.