Cohort Classic: 1962 – 1965 Vauxhall Velox (PB): The British Chevelle

(first posted 1/4/2012)   Quick; what’s the first thing that comes to mind? An early sixties Tempest or Buick Special? Chevy II? Once again we’ve fallen down that GM global design rabbit hole that ends either with Opel, Holden or Vauxhall. And the UK it is , this time around, with the this Velox that Bryce shot for the CC Cohort. Let’s see which angle looks most or least like an American GM-mobile.

The front of the Vauxhall must have slipped by Bill Mitchell. Hmm. Behind that well-louvered grille sits a six, either in 2.6 or 3.2 L form. The 3.2 put out some 115 hp, which made this one of the faster ‘saloons’ of its time. Where’s the ‘SS’ badging?

It’s looking a cross between a Chevy II and ’63 Rambler American from this side. The PB series of Cresta and Velox were definitely toned down from the flamboyant PA Series we took a look at a while back. We called that a British Olds. So how does Chevelle sound? Or maybe we should just stop trying to equate these cars with American counterparts. That sounds even better.