CC Capsule: Xb Meets Middle Brother Flex – Two-Thirds Of The Box Family

My poor little Xbox has been dying to meet its next-bigger sibling, having met the oldest one a couple of months ago. Good thing I had to head to Jerry’s, my home away from home, and that that parking space was free, or my little critter would have shed some alligator tears. Can’t have that; might fog up the headlights. But here they are, catching up, while I go order some windows: wow, you’ve got almost the exact same nose, but it’s longer…

but my chin juts out a bit more...

so how did you get those scars in your side?

Don’t ask. And why are you wearing those goofy little red shoes?

geez, your butt’s mighty similar too, especially that bumper. And, ahem, a lot bigger. Wow! What happened? That Fairlane prototype you were based on wasn’t nearly so ass-heavy.

Yeah; well, that goofy little spoiler’s pretty ridiculous; you taking to wearing your cap backwards?

That’s enough, guys. Time to go; say goodbye.

Here’s a snapshot of that other encounter, with biggest and oldest brother. Makes the younger two siblings look a lot more alike. Now I just need to get all three of them together for a complete family portrait. What are the odds of that?