CC Capsule: 1966-69 Kaiser Jeepster Commando — Beechwood, Aged

You never know what will pop up in the yard at my mechanic’s. Seems like anytime I’m over there dropping off or picking up one of our cars, there’s something unusual in the yard waiting its turn. On this day when I picked up my Passat after a brake job, this Jeepster Commando was parked under a large tree.

For cars I don’t know well, like the Commando, I enjoy doing the research to try to pin down the model year. These didn’t change much from their 1966 debut until AMC redesigned the front end in 1972. I didn’t find much information. I wondered if Kaiser paint colors came and went model year to model year. I did find some information about that — as best I can tell, this Commando is painted in a color Kaiser called Beechwood, which was available on the Commando only in 1966-69. That didn’t narrow it down much.

This Commando comes with the “Dauntless” V6, that well-known engine Kaiser bought from Buick. Then AMC bought Kaiser, and then AMC sold this engine back to Buick.

This Commando looks like a solid survivor. Perhaps it was a barn find and my mechanic’s job was to bring it back to life mechanically.

I’ve had unusually good luck stumbling upon Jeepster Commandos over the years: here’s one, and here’s another.

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