CC Capsule: 2000 Saturn SL – A CC In The Family

You’re looking at my younger son’s car. Long story short, I passed my 2006 Ford Focus on to him and within a month someone ran a stop sign and put an end to it. My son’s stepdad loves to hit the auto auctions, so he sprang right into action. In no time he found this 2000 Saturn sedan — 20 years old with only 35,000 miles on the clock. Even better for my son, this car cost $500 less than what insurance paid for the T-boned and totaled Focus. How often does it happen that someone wrecks their car and makes money on the deal?

It’s strange to me to think of this Saturn as a CC. But it is 22 years old now, and these are starting to become uncommon on the road here in the Midwest. This one has been reliable for my son for the two years he’s owned it.

This Saturn hails from the era before cars became so tall, and it’s mildly amusing to see my six-foot-two son down so low in it when he pulls up, and then emerge and tower over the thing. He likes his space to be tidy, as you can see.

We’ve looked at the history of Saturn at length here at CC, with a two-part Automotive History by Jeff Nelson here and here, and a GM Deadly Sin on the first-gen Saturn SL by PN here.