Vintage Ad: 1967 DuPont Auto Products Sweepstakes – Win A Pet Impala!

1967 DuPont Win a Pet Sweepstakes

In last week’s look at a 1985 Mercury Lynx ad, several comments focused on the Lynx’s name – and other cars named after animals.  That discussion brought to mind this 1967 DuPont Auto Products sweepstakes, where entrants could win one of six grand prizes – the cars listed in the ad… or their animal namesakes.

This ad made a point of stating that “animal lovers may choose a real beast instead of a car,” while another version of this ad mentioned that winners could opt for their prize “alive or on wheels.”

Somehow I feel the winners all chose the cars, as the thought of pet predatory cats or 1,000-lb. fish wouldn’t be too appealing to most people.  But who knows?  I’d love the see the list of winners and their respective choices.

Giving away animals wasn’t uncommon in past decades, though the practice was probably dubious even with domesticated species.  Still, it’s fun to think of the possibilities.  Would anyone like a pet ram (oh sorry, RAM)?  A bit more evocative than a pet beetle, I suppose.

What other car models / animals would make for a good sweepstakes?