CC For Sale: “Mercedes” Gazelle – “90% Complete!”

Now here’s you’ve been looking for, even if you didn’t know it: a Gazelle! or more accurately, a Pinto Gazelle, as compared to a VW Gazelle. No air-cooled eggbeater engines out back for this Mercedes SSK dim dreamlike tribute; just like Ferdinand Porsche intended, given that the SSK was his baby. But then so was the VW. So a gazelle offers the opportunity to pay tribute to Ferdinand in more ways than one.

Here’s what it’s going to look like when you finish that last little 10% that this one still needs.

Yes, 10%. It says right here on the sign that it’s 90% complete, and you know that’s not an exaggeration.

You’re not so sure this looks 90% complete?

Hey, it’s got a rear axle and apparently the rest of the running gear is installed.

No VW torsion bars here. Genuine Pinto coil spring front end with rack and pinion steering.

It’s all tied down and set to be delivered to your doorstep.

It’s not too late yet to relive the late ’70s or ’80s.