Curbside Capsule: 1974 (?) AMC Hornet- Future Curbside Classic


The Curbside Effect kicked in again, delivering to us this ’74-’77 AMC Hornet. Normally, I’d just throw these pictures in the files for a future Curbside Classic, but I wanted to share it this week for three reasons:

1) AMC Week has been Hornet free (at least on the AMC side) and this car is very original and very complete. Given the car’s importance to AMC in the early seventies, we needed one to wrap up the week.


2) It’s the relatively rare Hornet Hatchback, a car Car and Driver called “the styling coup of 1973.” You can argue the point, but I agree. I plan to go back and ask the owner’s permission for some close up pictures, and I may also inquire about a potential purchase.


3) If you squint, you can see the fender badge indicates this Hornet includes the Levi’s interior (Yeess!). For now, watch for this car posted in a future Curbside Classic. Today, let’s just wrap up things up with one word: