Craigslist Outtake: 1975 Matador Wagon – Not As Cool In Blue


After seeing Tuesday’s copper ’77 Matador wagon, I had second thoughts about posting this one. But hey–why not hit both ends of the spectrum?

Courtesy of the Knoxville craigslist, I give you this 1975 Matador wagon. 65,000 miles (or so the seller claims), a 304 V8 under the hood, and an asking price of just $2500. What could go wrong?


Whereas the wagon from yesterday was sporty–enough so that even I could tolerate having it in my driveway–this one is pretty much the polar opposite. The paint color, the wheelcovers… everything about it sends a very different message.


I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.


At least it all appears to be in decent condition, both inside and out.


Woodgrain paneling might not have been a good fit for this robin’s egg blue car – but still, they did manage to sneak a little in.

Assuming it hasn’t expired by the time you read this, the ad can be found here. It’s been up for 30 days (and counting), so perhaps by now the owner might be in a negotiating mood–who knows?