Curbside Classic Capsule: Datsun 510 Wagon, Aboriginal Style

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We haven’t yet given the very significant original Datsun 510 its due props here yet, so let’s put that on the 2013 CC To Do list.  In the meantime, how about we ponder this 510 wagon, that someone has done up quite thoroughly in Aboriginal symbols and design. Maybe one of you know how to interpret it? If not the art, then perhaps the car; 510s are highly symbolic, after all.

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The 510 wagon is a bit unusual, as it doesn’t use the independent rear suspension found in the sedans. That certainly hasn’t dampened enthusiasm for these wagons, as there seem to be almost as many around as the sedans. Maybe some like them even better, despite the live axle; or because of it?

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I’m assuming that’s a sun symbol there on the hood. The 510’s source of energy lies there too: the legendary L-Series SOHC engine, which was made in a variety of sizes over its long life span. Dropping in one of the later 2.0 L units to replace the original 1.6 is a common swap, as well as even more potent DOHC Nissan engines. The 510 was the closes thing to being the Japanese Tri-Five Chevy.

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Some of you might find the paint job silly or affected, but I like it. But then I’ve lived here for almost twenty years, so what do you expect…I’ve gone native. It’s well done, and decorative. Beats some of the silly air-gun murals that were so common in the seventies and eighties. To each their own.

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