CC Outtake: Lincolns – Like Father, Like Son; But Not Much Longer

CC 184 167 1200

I’d noticed the Continental sedan before, in the driveway of this house nearby. But then the other day, walking to one of my rentals (they’re all conveniently within eight blocks of my house), I noticed it out front, along with a similar vintage Mark VIII. Hmmm; adding a stablemate? Actually, more like the opposite…

CC 184 169 1200

The owner saw me shooting, and wondered if I was here to look at the car for sale (the Conti). Its place in the driveway has been usurped by a gen2 Acura Legend. And the red Mark? Dad is in town for a visit. Looks like both of the Lincolns are suffering from air (suspension) sickness, a common malady with these cars. One rarely sees one of either of these sitting level, and/or at their proper ride-height, unless they’ve been converted to steel springs, anyway. “No thanks; not my thing…I just take pictures”. Keeps life simpler.

CC 184 166 1200