Curbside Custom: 21st Century Falcon

I’m having an nice afternoon walk on a sunny September day, cutting across the Safeway lot among beige Camrys and Suburbans massive enough to warp space, and bang! The cleanest thing on wheels I’ve seen outside the Roadster Show. Just a Ford Falcon for the 21st Century.

We got to know the ’61 Falcon in its CC this spring. Fifty years ago it was the All-American Six compact that sold the best. Simple, straightforward, honest value.  Big chrome bumper, thick blackwall tires on skinny steel wheels, a bit of trim. Lots of faithful Falcons gave their drivers solid service for many years.

This one must have been extra good to deserve its second life in the year 2011. Luscious black lacquer, low-profile tires on billet wheels. Absolutely clean. Bright red shelf, steering rim, dash and taillights set it off sharply.

21st Century cars don’t have big chrome bumpers or exposed gas caps.

They do have bucket seats, a console, and digital instrumentation. That red instrument under the radio is a FAST dual-sensor digital fuel-air meter. I’d like to know what it’s monitoring, but the owner was not around.

Billet steering wheel too. Original speedo, fuel and temp. Lights / Wipers / Choke / Defrost. AM radio. Something tells me that choke handle’s not hooked up.

I’m not sure the wiper switch is hooked up either. No wipers in Oregon! How stripped-down is that.

Wish we knew what’s behind the unassuming grille, but it’s keeping that a secret. This Falcon earned an exciting new future.