CC Cinema: “Body Beautiful” (1955) – How Fisher Bodies Went From Clays to Production, Thanks To A Lot of Lost Craftsmanship

The subject of tooling for automotive bodies often comes up here in posts and discussions. Given how tooling is created  directly from digital 3D images nowadays, without any human hands ever touching anything except keyboards, it’s instructive to see how it was done in the old days. And understand why tooling for a new body was so expensive; the amount of labor involved was huge, and the folks who did this work were some of the highest paid non-white collar workers. (note: you might want to skip the first four minutes).

And if you find this kind of thing as interesting as I did, there’s a second film (below) from 1970 on the same subject, showing how the early use of computers and digitization was already cutting out some of the most labor-intensive steps.