Snowside Classic Outtake: Land Rover – Snow Camping and Snowshoeing

Stephanie bought me some new snow shoes for my birthday, and the other day I decided to take them out for a spin. We had a lot snow earlier this winter, but it’s been very dry since mid January or so, but it did drop a couple of inches the night before I went. As I pulled into the Sno-Park lot at Salt Creek Falls, I saw someone else is here, but not in the typical Subaru. A vintage Land Rover, with a pop top, no less. And it’s a family with two little kids. Traveling and camping in style.

Looks like an awning on the driver’s side of the roof, for balmier weather. I don’t know anything about the pop-top; maybe someone else can identify it.

Happy trails.

I hit the trail, and found myself instantly at home with the snow shoes. Like hiking, in size 36 shoes but superb traction. What’s taken me so long to have some? I used to take my cross country skis on ungroomed trails like this one, but they can be pretty rough and steep in places, and I’m just getting too old for that. And Stephanie never liked them outside of pretty level and groomed trails.

But these make the steepest trails a breeze.

The trail wends along to a viewpoint of Diamond Creek Falls.

It’s a loop trail of a couple of miles, and on my return, I stopped and took a look at Salt Creek Falls proper, for the first time in winter. Here’s the ledge where the creek starts its long plunge.

And here’s the whole thing. Its drop of 286′ (87 m) makes it the third highest plunge waterfall in Oregon. It’s just about a 50 minute drive up Hwy 58 from Eugene.