QOTD / CC Clue: So, What’s Under The Tarp?

I’ve had many an encounter with an enticing shape hidden by a tarp, as have many of you I’m sure. Sometimes, the shape makes the identity of the covered conveyance pretty obvious. Other times, a detail or two can provide a hint at the butterfly in the cocoon. The above mystery car, for example, which I discovered last autumn, was a real nail-biter.

That 19-67 license plate and the overall shape screamed of Motown’s glory years – but what Hitsville USA resident were we to expect? The (Cutlass) Supremes? The Four Hardtops? AMC Marlin Gaye? Well, I’m happy to say that after over six months of chrysalis, I finally have an answer for you, which will be published tomorrow.

But first, your final guesses, please. What’s under the tarp?

I wrote about a 1970 Challenger that similarly revealed itself to the CCommunity last year. A pleasant surprise – and one I had never guessed, as I was leaning more towards a T-Bird of a similar vintage, for whatever reason. There must be some hidden gems down your street too.

So bonus question: have you uncovered anything noteworthy in your area lately?