CC Cohort: Charging Into Monday Morning

Feeling a little poky this morning? Just head on over to the CC Cohort Flickr page, and it’ll be lunch time before you (or your boss) knows it. There’s so much to see, and so little time. I picked a few random shots to share, but don’t let that satiate you. I tend to grab shots of cars that I don’t have, or give me a tug on the heartstrings, like this Divco milk delivery truck still at work in North Providence, RI.

Thanks, improbocat, for reminding me of dear old Mr. Breese, who kept my childhood chocolate-milk addiction well fed. If chocolate milk isn’t going to do the trick, how about some Chargers to get you charging into the week?

This Australian Chrysler Valiant Charger 770 was sent by Davo, who took it and some great other vintage drag racing shots in 1984. It sports a 360.

These are getting so hard to find, except in garages or on a sunny Sunday. This one is by carnivalofsorts13.

Here’s one more, with a 440 no less, by Walter Sobchak. Feeling a bit perked up yet?

I can’t ever pass up a Corvair, especially a Monza four door, my first car. This one by jimandmandy.

Our first Avanti, even if it is a late-model Avanti II. And its designer is lovingly honored on the license plate. This by Davo.

Here’s another car that has eluded me since starting CC. I’ve been saving up its story for so long. This by carnivalofsorts.

improbocat found this gem of a Heinkel scooter.

And our finale, an appropriately golden-hued ’58 Olds, to make it look even more like a centerpiece of a Baroque altar. By larsupreme.

Thanks, one and all. It’s inspiring, humbling and most of all, fun!