Plymouth’s Rapid Transit System Circa 1970: Which One Will You Order Up?

1970 was a very fine vintage indeed for Plymouth. ‘Cuda, GTX, Sport Fury, Road Runner, and Duster 340. All with dirty, nasty smog-inducing engines in their last year of unfettered high-compression badness. The ‘Cuda alone offered five performance choices, from the mere 275 hp 383 to the so-called 425 hp Hemi. The big Sport Fury with the six-pack 440 was stealthy way to fly. And the Duster 340 offered unparalleled bang for the buck.

Peruse the engine and transmission spec sheets after the jump, and start checking off the wish list on your terror mobile. One detail: its not about resale value; if you order the hemi ‘Cuda, you got to live with it, forever. Call me crazy, but that six-pack Sport Fury is really talking to me.

More details of the RTS btochure here