CC Cohort: Neglected, But Hardly Forgotten

The CC Cohort keeps the gems coming; make sure you check them all out on the CC flickr page. I’ve been negligent in paying my due respects, but you are not forgotten. This stunning street-side pic by Davo is a gem; well shot indeed. And that’s just for starters:

I’m not sure where Davo lives, but I know larsupreme lives in the Bay Area, CC heaven. And he keeps them coming, including this gem of a ’49 Caddy.

This is a car I spent way too long staring at this morning. It’s a 1963-1965 Holden EH Special, shot by Davo. It’s such a mish-mash of design cues: the grille is so similar to the ’64 Valiant; that hood lip is just very GM-esque of the period, especially a ’61 or ’62 Pontiac; the windhield is also generic GM, but the side of the Holden isn’t familiar at all, which looks like a strange composite of Ford and Rambler. Must stop staring…

It’s hard not to stare at this 1970 Coronet 500! Wow; a pretty rare bird too. I’m trying to remember what that shade of green was called exactly…(checks oldcarbrochures)…”sublime”. What else? This one by Dave_7.

Lets do another flamboyant MoPar: a ’59 DeSoto Firesweep, this one by larsupreme. Awesome.

And since we’re in 1959, and doing wings, here’s a creative take on the ’59 Chevy’s batwings by paulvaranasi. hello? indeed!

And another great find by larsupreme, a 1953 Olds 98 Coupe. Sweet.

And let’s close out today’s gallery with this gem, by Davo. The ’61 Chevy was always a favorite of mine as a kid, and the Bel Air four-door hardtop was not common, as that body style was typically an Impala.

All your street-side shots are terrific. Thanks for making my morning, and keep them coming!