The Magical Mystery Bus: Anybody Recognize This Bus-RV Conversion? I Don’t (Update: It’s A Wayne)

I spotted this unfamiliar peaked face off in the lot of an RV shop, and was stumped from the get-go. No visible identification sign anywhere, including on the hand-made plywood dash. I pored through my American Truck and Bus Spotter’s Guide last night, and still drew a blank. Anybody else?

It’s not a GM product. There were quite a few truck and bus companies building transit buses in the late forties and early fifties, including White , Mack and others. Some looked similar, but that peaked front is very distinctive.

This looks like it might have been made in the late fifties, or even into the sixties. The engine looks like a common GMC Toro-Flow four-stroke diesel, which was quite popular with the lower-mid end (not transit) bus manufacturers in the early sixties.

This bus has been heavily modified, so it’s a bit hard to know what it started out being. The whole driver’s compartment was completely rebuilt somewhat crudely in plywood, and the steering wheel has the the ubiquitous “Ross” emblem, for the use of that company’s common steering assembly.

Whatever it is, I like it, very much indeed. A nice size; about 30-33 feet, I’d guess. Someone’s pride and joy. Too bad the shop was closed to find out, but then one of you out there probably has the answer.