Best of the CC Cohort: This Week’s Pic Picks

Another new batch of postings at the Cohort this week is up, so let’s sample some of them. First up is this delicious 1968 280SL, posted by C. Hannaher. I’ve been lusting for one of these forever, but they’ve become a bit too pricey, never mind the cost of the parts and repair work. But my heart always skips a beat when I see one.  (W113 SL CC here)

Snub-nose Econolines of this generation are getting pretty scarce, but nifticus found this mildly customized E100. My Alter-Biography with a similar Econoline is here.


Mads Jensen posted this old Benz, with the following comment:

When a W123 is just not retro enough, M-B still has you covered. To me these old over-engineered tanks look better with generous doses of patina like this example. 

Agreed.    (W114 CC here)

cjcz92 posted this gen 1 Honda Civic, a CVCC model with the Hondamatic. Loaded, in other words, with the whitewalls completing the look.  (CC here)


How about this nicely color-coordinated ’74-’76 Plymouth Valiant and brick house? Posted by nifticus. It’s the same color as my father’s ’68 Dart.


A ’55 Pontiac found resting in New Mexico by Ralf K.   (CC here)


CC’s Yohai Rodin posted this ’79 Pontiac Phoenix. Nice color.  What; we haven’t done a CC on one of these yet? hard to believe.


Rivero Notario shot this Mustang in Peru.   (CC here)


Want a Hillman Minx? John Lloyd found this one for sale. Or trade.  Maybe Bryce wants another one.


Pikesta composed another great shot, with a four-door Renault 5 in front of a store, in South Africa.  (CC here)


And a couple of VW to wrap it up. This terrific 70s-themed Baja Bug was posted by Foden Alpha.


And this ’63-’64 VW bus was posted by Alberto Simon. Looks like it’s in the process of getting some serious body work.