CC Outtake: 1985 Cadillac Eldorado – Tired Of Wire Wheels?

Although Cadillac’s slogan in the 1980s might as well have been “Pile On The Gingerbread”, and above all, the Eldorado was probably the car to do so on, by the mid-1980s it was becoming clear that vinyl roofs, acres of chrome, and wire wheels were not everyone’s preferred taste in luxury car trimmings.

American automakers started doing more to appeal to the buyer who was eyeing European luxury imports with everything from minor trim/detail variations to packages with stiffer suspensions and monochromatic appearances to separate “import fighter” models themselves.

Although the take rate for any of these was never very high, at least someone decided to order their Edorado with these less ostentatious aluminum alloy wheels instead of the common wire wheels. Somehow they just don’t seem to do this white-on-white-over-blue Eldorado the same justice as the wire wheels would.