Cohort Classic Capsule: 1962 Chrysler Saratoga – Canada’s Mid-Line Chrysler

posted at the Cohort by robadr

This would be a very fine original specimen of a 1962 Chrysler, but it’s even more fascinating by being a Saratoga, a model that was last sold in the US in 1960. With the arrival of the entry-level Newport in 1961, the Windsor was pushed up a notch, bumping off the Saratoga. And in 1962, the 300 line was expanded, and in turn the Windsor was eliminated. But in Canada, the old model structure continued. And even in subsequent years, the Saratoga name soldiered on. In 1964, it was called the 300 Saratoga.

Yes, they did things a bit different up there.

The Saratoga shared a 122″ wheelbase with the Windsor, while the New Yorker got the 126″ version.

The engine lineup was also hierarchical, with the Windsor getting the 361, with 9.0:1 compression, a two barrel carb and 265 hp, while the Saratoga got a 10.0:1 compression 383 with still a two barrel, rated at 305 hp. The New Yorker was treated to a 350 hp four barrel 413. Torque-flite was standard on all three models. The Chrysler steering column did not support a manual shifter, and the floor-shifted three-speed was reserved for the Dodge 880 version in the US.

But the standard steering was manual for the Windsor and Saratoga, with power assist optional, and highly desirable.

This is of course a four door hardtop, as this fine shot by rodabr makes quite clear.

There was no 300 model in Canada, at least according to the brochure. Was it available as a US import?

The brochure does not specify if the factory exhaust on the Saratoga was single or dual; I’m guessing the former, but I could well be wrong.

This was of course the last year for this body style, which was looking rather dated by 1962. The cleaver redesign for 1963 looked quite different, even if it still used certain hard points and elements of this body.