CC Revisited: 1982 Eagle SX/4 – Found Again Seven Years Later

(first posted 7/6/2018)      One of the satisfying experiences when walking the streets of Eugene is encountering a CC from the past, seen once and never again, and assumed to be long gone. The other night I spotted this SX/4 downtown, and it was like running into a long lost friend. Where have you been keeping yourself? And you’re looking pretty good, considering how SX/4s tend to be (ab)used.

Here’s how it looked back in 2011, when I saw it parked, shot it, and then never saw it again. My CC on it is here.

It’s received some black mascara and a tiara on its head, but otherwise looks not that much different. I would not have guessed it would age this well. Presumably its owner knows he has something a bit special in his hands. These were never common in their day, and they’ve become almost unicorns.

And just what is an Eagle Sport SX/4?

It’s the ultimate evolution of the Gremlin. AMC managed to get quite a bit of life out of that little bugger, and the SX/4 was the end of the road for that foreshortened Hornet/Concord. But the end of the road presented no problem for the SX/4, with its all-wheel drive and jacked up suspension (this one has been jacked up even more, obviously).

The shifter for its manual transmission is hidden by that shirt, or whatever it is. And there’s been at least one improvement over the years: the driver’s side door armrest has been either re-attached, or a replacement procured. it was missing the last time.

And it appears that the owner has procreated in these intervening years. This is hardly the ideal car for kiddie seats, as it has the world’s smallest back seat, but here they are, two of them, no less. A devoted SX/4 owner as well as a devoted father.

Hope to see you again in seven years.


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