Cohort Outakes: Dodge D Series Pickups Stay At Fine Lodgings – Women Allowed Too

CP a5

We just took a close look at an early Dodge D-series pickup the other day. but I just can’t pass by these two shots of them by Curtis Perry in front of overnight lodgings. Is this too good to be true? The Coed Lodge? As in men and women are allowed to rent a room together? Or just that women are allowed to rent a room? Another time; another place…Reno, Nevada, actually. 

CP a4

Things are a bit less complicated at the Peoriana Inn, which is located in Idaho Springs, CO. These shots from all over the remote parts of the West is giving me a strong urge to get out on the road and retrace some of the many back highways and byways that we covered in our old Chinook mini-motorhome. Unfortunately, it’s a bit worse for wear, so I need to start looking for something a bit newer.