CC Outtake: Last Minute Shopping In The Rain

CC 273 008 1200

We needed a couple of goodies for our Christmas Eve fest, so we walked downtown, in the rain no less. Which of course spared us looking for a parking spot, but as we walked through the 5th Street Market lot, I couldn’t help notice these two disparate cars next to each other. 

CC 273 009 1200

Golf Mk III’s aren’t exactly seriously vintage cars here in Curbsidelandia, but then it’s a Trek Edition, something I haven’t seen in a while.

CC 273 011 1200

The 1988 Pontiac Safari is a familiar car to me, as I shot it and posted it some years ago, and I keep seeing it around town. It’s a gem of a wagon, in splendid condition, but I rather wish it wasn’t spending its time always out side in an apartment parking lot, where I see it sitting when it’s not being driven. This car deserves a garage. In fact, I can see where the vinyl is deteriorating on that rear trim piece; it was intact when I shot it a few years back. Oh well; someone’s enjoying it.

And they’re riding home dry; the rain picked up and we got home soaked. But we were invigorated too, and clothes are easy to change. Easier than that peeling vinyl.