Cohort Outtake: 1957 Cadillac with 15 MPH Bumper

You think the early 5 mile bumpers were excessively long? CC Cohort William Rubano caught this ’57 Cadillac with a continental spare kit that makes a Pinto’s shelf bumper-butt look positively anorexic.

Here’s a wider view. So when did these aftermarket kits become popular? I never once saw a Cadillac in Iowa with one, for all the five year I lived there. But when we moved to Baltimore in 1965, I saw a goodly number of slightly-elderly Cadillacs sporting them (and other bling) in the African-American neighborhoods. So it would appear like with so many things in music, fashion, etc., black urban culture effectively popularized the continental spare kit. And old white guys are still imitating it, although I suspect most of these were done some years/decades ago. Does anyone still make conti spare kits??

Here’s this bad boy from the front. Turns out we’ve never done a proper CC on this vintage, but I don’t have the time just now, and I’d rather it wasn’t sporting the non-Harley-Earl-approved rear appendage.

It does make for quite a sight rolling down the street.