Cohort Outtake: 1957 Ford Country Sedan – A Ford Lover Lives Here

Ford 1957 wagon fq

CC reader Teddy has uploaded another batch of great finds from the Portland area. This ’57 Ford caught my eye, for a number of reasons, including the two other vintage Fords in the driveway. This Country Sedan is a perfect representative of the cars that hauled the large families of the time. But why did Ford call it a “sedan”?

Ford 1957 wagon rq

It’s just a semantics issue, but the word ‘sedan’ did come to specifically mean something other than a station wagon. Oh well; tell that to Ford’s marketing department. The Country Sedan slotted in below the Country squire and above the lowly Ranch Wagon.

Fords were all-new for 1957, which explains why they spanked the ’57 Chevy for top dog in sales. But like the all-new ’57 Chrysler Corp. cars, the Fords also suffered from quality issues. But this has survived quite well, thank you.