Cohort Outtake: 1963 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 Celebrity Sedan – Living Up To Its Name?

Olds 1964 88 sedan side

CC reader Teddy also posted this very original but fairly well-preserved ’63 Olds 88 sedan. Well, actually it’s a Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 Celebrity Sedan. When I was a kid, these didn’t look very dynamic too me; more like a Bel Air with a bit of a stretch at both ends. Nothing to really celebrate. Well, unless you were stuck in a black ’62 stripper Fairlane; then this looked pretty good in comparison. And one could be sure it didn’t have a stupid six under the hood; 88’s all had husky big V8s. Maybe there’s something here to celebrate after all.

Olds 1963 88 sedan rq

The Dynamic 88 came standard with a husky 280 hp 394 cubic inch Rocket V8. Take that, you Bel Air six sedans! It might share the same basic body shell, but this was an Olds, after all. One bought by a pretty conservative car buyer, given the choice of the Celebrity sedan, instead of the hardtop Holiday sedan (or coupe).

It’s a survivor, and that alone is cause for celebration.