Cohort Outtake: 1959 Dodge Royal, Shot in 1986 – Reminds Me of Someone’s ’59 Fury

When I came across these two pictures posted by stephenpellegrino1 at the Cohort, they reminded me of a picture of similar-vintage big Chrysler Corp. sedan that CC’s Jim Cavanaugh once owned in the late 70s. The driveway and house even reminds me a bit of Jim’s house.

Here’s the picture I’m talking about, of Jim’s Fury in 1979, although this was presumably shot at his mom’s house, not his current one. But you get the picture, eh? A couple of elderly Mopars still in service, some 20-25 years on.


Stephen Pellegrino left this brief comment about this one:

1959 Dodge Royal sedan, listed for sale in 1986 in Long Valley NJ. I test drove it but didn’t buy. Where is it today?

In someone’s refrigerator?