CC Outtake: 1993 GMC Rally Van G1500 With Raised Rear Roof – Scenivan

I’ve shown you quite a few vans over the years here, original and…not. Quite a few of the latter, actually, as Eugene is a van kind of town, given quite a few folks’ tendencies to see their vans as a blank canvas for their creativity. This is a bit of an odd one, as the amount of work put into it to get a couple of inches of more height in the back seems a questionable return on effort. But then who’s keeping track of that sort of thing in this set?


Maybe the owner found these large windows for free at the curb, and decided it just had to be incorporated into his short wheelbase van. Or maybe…?


The bodywork is not exactly professional, but at least it’s not plywood and duct tape.


All things considered, it’s really not too bad of a job.


Thanks to Carfax, I can tell you that this is a 1993, otherwise I would not have known. I knew it’s from towards the later years of the very long run of this generation GM van (1971-1995); a full quarter century, actually. I think that’s about as much information as anyone cares to have about these, unless you’ve got something noteworthy (or not) to add.