Cohort Outtake: 1965 Dodge Dart With Sunroof

CC regular Mike Hayes found something out of the ordinary parked at a marina in the Seattle area, I assume. It’s a 1965 Dodge Dart GT hardtop coupe with a sunroof. Not original, but well done nonetheless.

Mike left this comment: Note the snaps. Either they did a good job of fooling me, or this is a real sunroof. They’re not fooling me; note the “bathtub rings” on the roof where rainwater pooled up and the vinyl sagged in the middle. A fake would not have done that.

The sunroof replaced the stock center roof section, which was covered in black vinyl standard.  Quite clever.

Let’s take in the Dart’s face while we’re at it. A transitional one, from the very expressive and deeply sculpted ’63 to the bland ’66.

Here’s the view from the rear.  This looks like a well-used car, from the looks of the stains around the gas filler cap. I like the streaks of white patina too. Works well for me all-round.