Cohort Outtake: 1972 Ford Courier – Another Recycled Ford Name

kevin_xyxl found and posted this survivor Courier at the Cohort. There used to be so many of these in town, but now I can think of only a couple that I know of. And they’re not the early version, like this one. I’m not sure why Kevin is so sure it’s actually a ’72, perhaps he ran the plate or VIN. But if it really is one, it’s from only the second year these Mazdas were sold here, and as a Ford at that.

Just like those Edsel names, the Courier was a Ford recycled name too. It had been used on sedan deliveries since 1952, but starting in 1959, there was no more windowless sedan delivery, and the Courier was used on the lowest-trim 2-door wagon.

I shot this ’59 Courier ten years ago, and wrote it up at the old site, but never brought it over here, as my views on the ’59 Ford have evolved some.  Maybe I’ll get to it again sometime.

I did do a fairly comprehensive CC on the Mazda-based Courier pickup here, so if you want the longer story, click away.