Cohort Outtake: 1978-1981 Dodge Colt Woody Wagon

Foden Alpha has posted shots of a pristine Dodge Colt wagon, sporting wood no less. These relatively large RWD Colts were a Mitsubishi Galant, of course, but these wagons were never very common here. This one was found in British Columbia; perhaps they were more common there. I did find one, a non-woody, here a few years back, and my more detailed write-up is here. But let’s take in this gem from a different era.

Here’s an ad for this car. “The Big New Small Wagon from Chrysler”. Makes a nice somewhat smaller alternative to the Volare and Aspen wagons. The Astron 2.0 and 2.6 Silent-Shaft engines were on tap.

I rather liked these wagons; they were very cleanly styled for the times, although I would have had mine without the fake wood.