Reader’s Curbside Classic: 1965 Pontiac Embassy Nine-Passenger Limo by Superior – Now In Sweden

(first posted 11/28/2012)    A few months back, I showed a stretch ’65 Pontiac posted at the Cohort. Mike Lindholm, from Sweden, found my post and has added pictures of his own ’65 Pontiac Embassy Nine-Passenger Limo by Superior. Having never looked over one of these rare cars, it seems fitting that I share them here.

Mike has this to say about his Bonnnnnneville:

Hi, I got one here in Sweden. There were only ten made in the world of this model;  four were imported to Sweden,  five are in the states. The last one? We don’t know where it is. But this is the real thing and not a Photoshop. 

Only ten made? Well, it wasn’t exactly a common sight on the streets, that’s for sure.

So let’s open her up and take a look inside. Technically, there really is room for nine. With all that room under the second row, leg room actually doesn’t look too bad.

Lots of headroom–and headliner.

Here’s the ad for it, as posted in the comments there by roger628. And what’s my contribution? I identified those wheel covers for Mike. He was wondering where they came from, since they’re not standard issue for full-size Pontiacs.

They are, in fact, those from the ’61 – ’63 Tempest/Le Mans–but why? It’s because those little compacts rode on 15″ wheels versus the full-sized Pontiacs’ 14-inchers. Superior obviously wanted fifteens on that big limo and these would fit. For some reason, they don’t appear in the last photo of Mike’s limo.

Mike says he did lots of hard metal-work on this car; I assume he had to restore and paint the body. Looks good…now, how many kids did you say you have, Mike?

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