Cohort Outtake: Did the Citroen SM Influence the Design of the Porsche 924?

Benoît has been posting a number of finds from France at the CC Cohort. These two, posted close together, caught my eye; well, the SM always catches my eye. But I couldn’t help but notice a decided similarity between them, primarily in their rear quarters. The shape of the rear side window, the angle of the C pillar, and the large wrap-around hatch. There’s a general similarity in their slab-sidedness with the crease running through it to relieve it somewhat, and the shape of the front fender and its wheel opening. Wonder how the 924 would look with fender skirts?

If you’re not seeing it as much as I am, just enjoy them anyway. It’s hard not to. And it’s not like the SM didn’t influence a few others too, one way or another; it was pretty radical for 1970.