The Great CC Archive Expansion and Update Project Is (presumably/mostly) Complete

If you’re wondering why I’ve not written any new longer posts these past couple of weeks it’s because I’ve been: a) skiing;  b) taking a break c) updating the CC Archive Portals.  All are true, but sadly, “c” is the most true. Fortunately, the lousy weather here has made it somewhat bearable, as it’s mind-numbingly tedious and boring work. But it’s essentially over for now, and I encourage you to take the expanded and updated Archive portals for a test spin.

The problem is that every entry in these portals has to be created manually, since I didn’t have the foresight to set up an automatic archiving system at the beginning, and even if I had, it wouldn’t be anywhere nearly as good as ours are, being categorized by brands, age, subjects of various kinds, etc..  And although I think it’s relatively complete now, undoubtedly stuff is missing too. So if you’re a Contributor and see a long-format post of yours missing, do let me know.

Yes, we can only archive the more in-depth posts, as we recently crossed the 10,000 total posts threshold. There’s no way to archive everything. But the easy way to find something if it’s not in the archive, or you don’t want to bother hunting for it, is to just use the “Search Curbside Classic” bar on the near-upper right side bar. That’s what I use, almost exclusively. But then the Archives are great for just browsing, and they’re very popular, as verified by our stats.

A big thank you to all of you authors who did your own archival updates, and to Ingvar, who did a major update a couple of years ago. It’s kept me from going mad(der).  Now on to writing something new and interesting.