Cohort Outtake: Facel Vega Excellence Found – A Bit Worse For Wear

Stephanpellegrino1 has found something very exceptional: a 1958-1961 Facel Vega Excellence. This makes the first found appearance of one of these at CC; Imperialist’s detailed write-up of these rare big French four door hardtops is here. Yes, we’ll show you some pictures of how it looked once upon a time. And how this one will look again someday, hopefully.

Here it is in full profile.

Open the center-closing side doors, and this is what greets you.

And one more shot. Do check out the Excellence’s full story on the link in the top paragraph.

Someone’s going to have their work cut out for them to get this one back in order. The early versions sported Chrysler’s legendary 392 hemi, but sometime during the production run, after the stock of hemis ran out, Chrysler new 413 RB wedge engine replaced it. I’m struggling to identify which engine is in this one; I can’t quite decide if those are partially hidden hemi valve covers or not. I’m inclined to think they are. One of you will know.