CC Outtake: Dodge Aspen Wagon Still Hard at Work

Someone’s been hard at work renovating this house in the neighborhood; it’ll undoubtedly get flipped after it’s done. The crew working on it have been showing up in this vintage Aspen (earlier misidentified as a Volare) wagon, which tows their trailer full of tools and such.

Even with a dent on its front fender, this wagon can’t help but show off its exceptionally clean lines. This has to be the best looking wagon of its time.


The grille is MIA, but then most Volares and Aspens still around seem to have either a partially broken or totally missing grille. The brittle plastic casting is quite vulnerable.


The interior looks…workman-like.


And just in case you thought I was trying to trick you again like I did with that Camry a while back, here’s the stark proof. Very stark, given the very vintage bumper hitch. Yup; thta’s how we used to do it in the bad old days, kids. And it’s downright refreshing to see it again.