Cohort Outtake: Mercury LN7 Third Eye Edition

Mercury LN7 fq

The Cohort is chock-full of splendid finds, but this one, posted by cjcz92, really grabbed me. Not only have I never found a curbside LN7, but this is the ultra-rare Third Eye Edition. Yes, Mercury wanted to tap into the nascent New Age Spiritualism market of the 80s, and decided that an LN7 with a fully developed brow chakra was the key. The LN7 was already hailed as a very enlightened vehicle, so this next step in its evolution was just an obvious progression.

Mercury LN7 cyclops

Here’s a close-up of that third eye. It clearly provides perception of the road ahead well beyond what mere normal headlights could ever provide. The whole act of driving becomes a meditation, and the actual destination becomes irrelevant. That’s why these are so rare; its owners tended to take many extremely long trips in these, without any intended destination. There’s reports of one having been found in Tierra del Fuego. Another was found in Siberia. And there’s occasional reports of one still running perpetually around the Beltway of Baltimore.

Mercury LN7 rq

Not surprisingly, yellow was the only color it came in. Yellow has stood for wisdom and intellect throughout history, and the LN7 certainly represented that. Or tried to.

Of course, awakening the third eye has consequences. In Buddhism there are techniques for developing the faculty of the third eye, even if the ultimate goal is to understand (and “see”) the existing reality as it is: unsatisfactory, impermanent and unsubstantial — as almost perfectly embodied by the LN7. Unfortunately, that experience was all too common with LN7 owners. Enlightenment can be a bitch.